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Week 1 Activities

During this tricky time, as important as it is to ensure that your child is still having some sort of learning routine, please remember that they need to have fun too! Learning takes place in many different forms, not just through answering sums and writing paragraphs. Do cooking with your children and talk about how much you need of every ingredient or create imaginary stories with them and act it out together. Just remember to enjoy this time together!

DAY 1 - 

Can you go on a shape hunt around your house? What can you find? What shape is your remote, or a plate? 


DAY 2 - 

Can you write a letter to someone, telling them what you have been doing with your days? 


DAY 3 - 

It's time to get crafty! Find any resources you can at home (things out of the recycling bin would be ideal) and make a junk model of anything you like. A castle maybe, or a new transformer car? Let your imagination run wild! 


DAY 4 - 

Spend today getting active! Youtube just dance videos and see which is your favourite song to practise, remember which one it is and we can play them when we are back at school! Play our class song 'Walking on sunshine' and show your family all of the moves we learnt for it. 


DAY 5 - 

Seen as we didn't get chance to finish making our potion to make us grow tall again, could you finish creating it? Find leaves, twigs, water, glitter or anything you think you may need! Make your potion and then see if you could write instructions telling people what you have just done!