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At Westwood the RSHE curriculum is interwoven into everything that we do. One part of the wider RSHE is the importance of assemblies. Assemblies are used to be able to teach key subjects that go beyond the curriculum but are valuable to our school community.Below is the assemblies that have been taught over the course of the academic year.

Autumn 1

We had an assembly regarding World Mental Health Day on Monday 10th October. We talked about emotions, how to support positive mental health and we launched the Westwood Self Help Shelf. Here is the powerpoint used during the assembly:

Autumn 2


As Bonfire Night was apporaching an assembly was held to ensure children were aware of bonfire, firework and sparkler safety. The chidlre were taught how they can stay safe during this event. The children watched a Fireman Sam video to help support the assembly. Here is a link to the video the children watched:

To celebrate anti-bullying week the children wore odd socks to school. Also an assembly was held to explain what anti-bullying is, to remind the children who the anti-bullying ambassadors are and also to launch the anti-bullying charter. The children agreed to say no to bullying as well. Here is the powerpoint used during the assembly:

Spring 1


To celebrate Children's Mental Health week and Safer Internet day an assembly was held. The theme of connect was discussed and children were taught how connections can have a positive effect on their mental health. It was also highlighted that some connections can have a negative effect such as online trolling. Therefore interent safety was discussed as well. The chidlren were read the story #Goldilocks. A hashtag cautionary tale by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross to highlight the affect online trolling can have.



Spring 2


As March is disability awareness month an assembly was held to celebrate and discuss this event. The chidlren were informed that some disabilities may be hidden. The chidlren were read a story about an amputee child and how they feel when other people question him about his disability. the story was called What Happened to You? By James Catchpole. 

Summer 1

The children were read the book I Choose To Say No which explores the concept of consent and personal space. It teaches the children who are their trusted adults they can seek support from. It also teaches the children what they should do if someone touches them in an inappropriate way.