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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Activity 1:

Go into your garden and collect leaves, twigs, petals (anything you can find). Use them to create a picture of a dream garden you might find in Alice in Wonderland.


Activity 2:

Use nature as colouring pencils. Scrunch up leaves, grass and petals to create your own colouring pencils. Rub them onto a piece of paper and draw your own picture.


Activity 3:

Freeze water mixed with food colouring. Once frozen use the coloured blocks as paint. You could paint a picture of your garden, your favourite animal, your family or anything you like.


Activity 4:

Make some Happy Hoppy Paper Bunnies. You could make them into Easter cards for your family and friends or keep them as wall art.

Activity 5:

Activity 6:

Use up your empty milk cartons. Ask an adult to chop the top off for you. Use paper, tissue, stickers anything you have in your house to create your own elephants.

Activity 7:

Draw a family portrait. Include any pets you have as well as everyone who lives in your household. Make sure you think about the correct shapes for each part. See if you can practise your sketching skills.

Activity 8:

Use an empty egg box to create your own creatures. You can make any creatures (aliens, lions etc.) or copy the rabbit below.


1. Cut out one cup from the box carefully.

2. Using the lid draw two ear shapes. Cut them out and glue them onto the back of the egg cup.

3. Using pens or paint, draw on eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers.


Activity 9

Get in touch with nature! Today you will need to find some empty packaging for junk modelling. Get creative and made a bird house for your garden. Remember to include a littler perch, roof and door for the birds to get in.

Activity 10

First letter of your name door sign-

Have a look around your house for some spare or junk cardboard (maybe food packaging or from a parcel) ask an adult if you can use it.

  1. Open the cardboard up so that it is flat. 
  2. Draw the first letter of your name in bubble writing (nice a big)
  3. carefully cut it out (ask an adult to help you if you're finding it tricky)
  4. either colour in or paint the letter completely
  5. now for the fun part- decorate. Using whatever you have around the house (or garden), stick them onto your letter for decoration.


Have a look at the letter below for inspiration.