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Wednesday 3rd March

Maths - 


We are going to be continuing to look at dividing today. You need to work out how many objects goes in to each group in order for them to be equal, or the same. For your work today you have to work out how many objects there are, how many groups and how many there is altogether. Once you have completed the first two sheets, please try and complete the third sheet. On that sheet you need to evenly split the objects out. You can do this by giving one to someone, then another for the other person etc, until you have no objects left. 

Writing - 


Purple Crayon has made so many new friends on his journey around Asia. He has noticed that the people in Asia dress differently to how Duncan and his friends do back in Leeds. What we are going to do today is write a description of the clothing his new friends wear. 


We are going to look at using a comma in a list again. So we use a comma when we are listing more than one thing, for example, today we are going to use it when we are writing adjectives for the clothes. You will use a comma after the first adjective and there needs to be more than one adjective used in the sentence. 



Spellings - 


Please practise the days of the week if you are unsure of them. 







If you are confident with the days of the week, learn these spellings. 






DT - 


For todays lesson I would like you to design a crayon outfit. You can look at the pictures below for ideas. I can't wait to see how they turn out!