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Adventure 6 - The Great Barn Disaster

Our new adventure finds us receiving a letter from Walt Disney. He's just bought a new broken down barn and wants our help to try and find out what we can do with it. Can we help him restore the barn and get the public to come and visit?

We love practising our class song in the microphone! We’re all super singers!

Anika Noni Rose - Almost There (From "The Princess and the Frog")

There ain't nothin' gonna stop me now 'cause I'ma almost there 🎶. Sing-along to "Almost There" with Anika Noni Rose and stream The Princess and The Frog on ...

Our adventure starts with a letter. We found a letter on Miss Robinsons desk this morning, when we opened it we found that it was from Walt Disney himself! He told us that he had bought a run down barn and we had to think of ideas to get it up and running, ready for the public to visit!

This half term in Art we are looking at David Sproxton and Peter Lord. We looked at all of the animations they had created and put them in a timeline. We spoke about which of their animations we had seen ourselves. We can't wait to make our own characters just like they did!

In Music, we have been playing the xylophone! We have had so much fun learning the different notes and have been working hard to try and follow along with the music. 

We have started our art journey! We were given plasticine and were trying to get to grips with how to mould it! We found that when we warmed our hands up first it made it easier to squish and squeeze the plasticine. We had lots of fun playing with it and being creative, now we are ready to get making!

We were very lucky to have the chance to work with a real artist! He asked us to make lots of sounds and then we put it together to make a song. 

We have been thinking hard about what we can make our barn into and decided on turning it into a theme park called Cherry Land! We had so much fun acting out all the rides, making sure they were suitable for everyone to play on them!

Roller Coaster

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Tea Cups

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We looked at our new wizard words for the week and tried to put them into sentences. Look what we came up with!

Walt Disney phoned us and told us that he wanted to turn the barn into a restaurant instead! We created our own restaurant and once we had all been served our food, went outside. We came back inside to find mess everywhere! We then had to write a letter to Walt, telling him that a restaurant was a bad idea!!

We created some amazing sculptures! We warmed up our hands first and then had a go at doing them. They urged out amazingly.

We went on a walk through Middleton looking at human features. We had lots of fun and completed a check list of everything that we saw!