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Bubble Closure Self Isolation work (Monday 8th March)

I'm sorry you guys can't be with us today on the first day back together - but you're back tomorrow so it's not all bad (I'll save the big welcome back for tomorrow when we're all back!).


Here is your work for today. There will be no live lessons today as I am now back in school teaching so please email any work to or if you need any help I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can! 


Tomorrow - don't forget to bring back to school any spelling books, times table books, reading books, reading records and homework books from before Christmas! 


Maths - Mr Cooper and Mrs Wilson's group 

Today, my group are carrying on with our work on the 3 times tables. See below for the slides I'll be using in the lesson and then you need to have a go at the workbook sheets attached. If you have any pasta or counters at home, use those to help you! 

Maths - Mr Hayes's Group

For Monday's Maths lesson we're writing fractions in their simplest form. 


Prior learning- finding equivalent fractions by multiplying both numbers by the same amount (numerator and denominator) 


Monday's lesson: You need to find simplify the fraction by finding a number that goes into both the numerator and denominator.


3/12- I know that 3 is in the 3 times table and 12 is in the 3 times table. There is one 3 in 3 and 4 3's in 12

3/12 = 1/4.

Maths - Miss Robertshaw's Group

Miss Robertshaw's group need to look through the document attached which goes through converting time in hours and minutes. Follow through the textbook pages, then complete the guided practice and workbook pages. 

Guided Reading

This week, we are focussing on summarising and picking out the key information from a text. Find the slides I'll be using in the lesson below followed by an activity where you need to read the passage and pick out the most important section which you would use in a summary and say why it is the most important.

Handwriting and Spelling

Follow the slides below to a lesson about homophones - words which sound the same but look different and mean different things. Have a go at the activities on the slides and then the final activity is to complete the table. Then, can you have a go at writing the sounds you hear in the words - for example, in pair and pear, can you write ai and ea joined the correct way?


This week is science week. We are going to be doing lots of activities when you return to school from tomorrow. The theme this year is inventions. Can you research an invention and create an information poster/leaflet about it? Bring these into school tomorrow - I'd love to see them. There is also a PowerPoint below with some more information about British Science Week.