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Tues 23rd Feb


Today, we are going to be adding fractions. We should now have some knowledge about fractions, mixed numbers, equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions so this should be a breeze. When adding these fractions, your denominator isn't changing, only your numerator. If 2 numerators added together come to more than a whole then you will need to change this to a mixed number not a top heavy fraction. During the live lesson, we will discuss how this could be shown and written down. You will then carry out the guided practice and workbook independently.


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Guided reading:

Today during the live lesson, we will discuss yesterday's lesson and think about any predictions we came up with based on the front cover. I will write these down and then upload them underneath once the live lesson is over. We will then read the blurb for 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory'. From the blurb, I have found some key events that happen throughout the story but they are muddled up. I would like you to predict what order you think that the events happen. There is no right or wrong answer yet.


Today, we are going to be looking at the genre of an invitation. Mr Wonka has sent us a letter, asking for our help. He has already sent out the golden tickets but he now needs to inform the candidates about the location of the visit, the time and what they need to bring along with them. In order to write the invitations for him, we need to look at different examples of invitations to find the features. This will be discussed during the live lesson and then you will write the features down as bullet points. Once you have done that, I would like you to look through the first chapter of the book that I have attached. I have highlighted some things throughout the chapter and I would like you to label what it is that I have highlighted. For example, if I have highlighted the word 'and' that's because it is a conjunction.



Go through the powerpoint about culture in Scotland. Then, choose a different activity from the 4 you were given yesterday so you should now have 2 completed activities about Scotland.