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Summer 2

Week 6



We had a look at different flavour ice creams and which was our favourite. We then made our own ice creams using playdough. We moulded, squeezed, sliced and chopped the dough to make it into different shapes. It was lots of fun. We pretended it was blueberry or bubblegum flavour because it was blue. 

We had sports day this week and it was so much fun! We did lots of races including the egg and spoon race, an obstacle race, a running race and hurdles. We loved it and got lots of stickers. We clapped when someone else won and we then tried our best to win the next race. Well done Nursery.

Week 5

Pirates in the Supermarket

We used a 'paint project' activity on mini mash to colour in a pirate ship.  The children chose the colours they wanted to use and used their fingers to colour in the different areas, we had some  really colourful and interesting pirate ships!

Some children came to look at the number cards on the carpet.  We talked about the different pirate pictures and how many of each there were.  We talked about the order of numbers when we count and they could all say which number came next. 

Pegging pirate flags and pictures onto a washing line was great fun, the children did well, learning how to use the pegs successfully.  

Our new puddle suits are great for playing outside, especially when we all love puddles so much!   The children all tried hard to put the suits on themselves, what a great job they did.

Week 4

The Pirates Next Door

Matilda hopes that a nice little girl the same age as her moves into the house next door, but she is excited when she sees a pirate family called the  Jolley-Rogers moving in!  She cannot wait to meet them and soon makes friends with young 'Jim Lad' the pirate boy.  Not everyone else in the town is as pleased as Matilda! 

There was more map making this week.  The children chose to independently draw to make treasure maps.   "Here's the chest and here's X marks the spot"  Lyra said.


In the story Grandpa pirate won't come on land because the last time he did the king chopped off his hand!  We made our own hooks to pretended to be pirates. We used paper cups, made a hole in the bottom,  wrapped tin foil around a pipe cleaner and then bent  it into a hook shape.  We used plasticine to hold the hook in place.  Don't they look great?

We played a game called 'What's in the treasure box?' In the game we had to wait for our turn, talk about what we had found and listen to our friends when they were talking.  Look at the treasure we found!   There were coloured jewels, a sparkly glass necklace, a shiny diamond bracelet, a gold watch, some gold coins, a rainbow sparkly jewel and much more!

Message in a bottle - we wrote messages and put them in bottles just like real pirates. 

Mr Cockcroft was clearing out the pond next to the nursery playground and started spraying the children with water as it was so hot! They absolutely loved it and were screaming and giggling shouting more!

We had a go at recognising numbers and counting the correct amount of parrots to match the number. We were able to count the dots on the dice if we were stuck on recognising the numbers. It was lots of fun!

We had a look at a coconut and explored the textures and taste. We passed it around the circle and felt it. It felt 'bumpy, rough and smooth.' We then tried to break into it with a knife but it was too hard so Mrs Gray used a hammer. We then had a taste and it was delicious. 

We went up onto the field to play football this afternoon and everyone had a rocket lolly. We had lots of fun.

Week 3   

Ten Little Pirates

This is a great book, we love the counting rhyme and like to look at the fabulous pictures on each page.  The ten little pirates sail out to sea, they come across a singing mermaid, a hungry shark,  a whooshing hurricane and other things  which take away the pirates  one at a time until there is only one, sad and all alone.  Before long, the pirates all return until the ten are all together again, which means pirate party time!


The children love listening to stories and often choose to sit and enjoy a book in the book corner, chatting about the  pictures and talking about what happens on each page.  


We are gettting good at counting,  we counted pirates into a ten frame.   1,2,3,4,5,6, 7,8,9,10 pirates! 

Look at these patterns we made using our fingers to draw in the colourful sand. 

We had a go at so many patterns, long lines, circles, waves, dots and spots, spirals and one of our favourites to try was the rainbow pattern.

What fun we've had playing outside today, the children love water play, helping to use the hosepipe to fill the containers and  transferring water from one place to another.  


We also had fun playing on our homemade slide!  A couple of children tried to slide down the grassy slope in a couple of cardboard boxes but this wasn't working too well.  The large piece of cardboard we found worked so much better!  The children  listened to instructions to keep them safe, took turns and had lots of fun.   

We made treasure maps by using tea bags and water to make them look old. We rubbed the paper with cold tea and then waited for them to dry. We then looked at different treasure maps and drew our own. It was lots of fun and we made sure we put an x marks the spot!

We read the story, ten little pirates, and talked about which one was our favourite. We looked at what colours they were, what they were wearing and if they were scary or not. We then drew our favourite. 

Week 2

We're going on a treasure hunt



We explored some mini pirate ships which were made of corks.  We tried different sails and some got really soggy so tipped over. The ones made of plastic were the best.  Later on we made  some using three corks instead of two and they sailed much better. 

We did some counting using pirates gems and treasure chest ten frames. The children had to roll a dice and put the correct amount of gems onto the ten frame. They loved collecting he treasure from the pirates. 

We made some pirate treasure chests using old recycled egg boxes. We then painted them brown and added different sequins for the pirate gems. we loved making them and choosing how to make them pretty!