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Maths No Problem

At Westwood, we follow the Maths No Problem scheme of work throughout school. In Mulberry class, we split into 4 'groups'. Some children will do maths with Mr Cooper, some children with Miss Robertshaw, some with Mr Hayes and some children with Mrs Thompson and Miss Brown. 
Firstly this half term, we have been thinking about 3 digit numbers and what the value of each digit is. We've used Base 10 to represent the numbers and thought carefully about the position of each number in the place value grid. 
This week, Mr Cooper’s group have been thinking about 2 times tables and doubling. We used base 10 to create the calculations and replaced the add symbol with a multiply to show that doubling is the same as multiplying by 2. 
Today Mr Cooper’s group helped him with a situation. His housemates had done his washing for him whilst he was at school and mixed all his socks up! We helped him sort them back into order to hang up on the washing line to dry. 
We've been thinking about rotations. We played a game where we turned around following Mr Cooper and Mrs Wilson's instructions.
We have been thinking about the value of digits in 2 digit numbers and representing these in different ways.
We've been representing numbers in different ways using lots of different equipment.
In the Spring 1 half term, we spent lots of time thinking about the different methods for addition and subtraction. We started off looking at number lines and counting on and back before moving on to the formal column method of both ways. The children working in school with Mrs Wilson, Miss Robson and Mr Frankland have been doing lots of problem solving work and the children at home have been mastering the different methods!

Mr Cooper's maths group have been learning their times tables in really fun and different ways. We filled the classroom with balloons and the children had to pop them to find the number sentences inside. We then had to run to Oak and find the answer to the number sentence and bring them back. There were 10 points up for grabs for every correct number sentence BUT 10 points deducted for an incorrect answer or an answer without a question to go with it.


After a very close game, the girls were victorious with 90 points to the boys 70! 

This week in maths, Mr Cooper's group have been solving word problems. We have been thinking really carefully about unpicking a problem and trying different combinations. Here, we are finding the different ways we can dress the teddy bear by following specific rules. 

Mr Cooper's maths group have been thinking really carefully about how to use equipment to our advantage and make the most of it to help tackle tricky questions and problems. We spent the whole lesson exploring different calculations using the equipment. 

Mr Cooper's maths group have been looking at mass and weight this half term. We used the scales and different equipment to order items from lightest to heaviest.