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Good Work

Autumn 1

Week 1 - 15.9.22 - Freddy for maths

Me and Mrs Thompson have been really impressed with Freddy's attitude to maths so far this year. He isn't afraid to use green pen and he knows that mistakes help him to learn, which resulted in a full page of ticks and no green pen in today's 5th lesson. Well done Freddy!


Week 2 - 22.9.22 - Bentley for writing

I've been really impressed with everything writing wise for Bentley this week! His actual writing, handwriting practice, spelling scores and his work in SPAG. He's had a fantastic writing week! Well done Bentley! 



Week 3 - 29.9.22 - Scarlett for History

Scarlett produced a wonderful piece of cave art this week which had lots of great characters and looked really authentic and like an actual piece of cave art. Well done Scarlett!



Week 4 - 6.10.22 - No Good Work this week


Week 5 - 13.10.22 - Lilly-Mae for History

Lilly-Mae has done some fantastic retrieval work this week in history and used the keywords amazingly to remember important information. She also used some great inference skills when becoming a Historical Detective and thinking about our Bronze Age artefacts.



Week 6 - 20.10.22 - Art Gallery - Scarlett and Xavier

For some fantastic cave art! Well done both! 

Autumn 2

Week 1 - 3.11.22 - Lyla for Writing

I have been so impressed with Lyla's independence in writing this week and her ideas. She has also been working really hard on her handwriting and I'm just really impressed all around! Well done Lyla!



Week 2 - 10.11.22 - Tilly I for Maths

Tilly has been working really hard in her interventions in maths this half term with Mrs Thompson and we are really impressed with her effort. She is also applying this into her maths learning too, which is fabulous!



Week 3 - 17.11.22 - Kayden for reading

Kayden has been fantastic with his inference work in reading this week. He has come up with loads of amazing ideas and has been brilliant at getting evidence from the text to support his ideas. Well done Kayden!



Week 4 - 24.11.22 - Joshua for SPAG

I was absolutely blown away by Joshua's SPAG score this week as part of our assessment week! He has applied everything he learnt in SPAG lessons and writing lessons and scored an amazing 40/50! Well done Joshua!




Week 5 - 1.12.22 - Art Gallery for Isla-Mae and Bailey

For some fantastic mobile sculptures and accompanying designs in the style of Alexander Calder! Well done both! 



Week 6 - 8.12.22 - Jayden for Reading

Jayden (in Rowan) has been fantastic in reading this half term. He has come up with such insightful ideas during our pure reading lessons and has produced some lovely written responses to questions as well. It's obvious he has really enjoyed The Iron Man! Well done Jayden



Week 7 - 15.12.22 - Bethany for Writing, chosen by Mrs Partridge


Spring 1

Week 1 - Robinwood


Week 2 - 12.1.23 - Lilly-Mae for Reading

This week, we've been thinking about inferences related to Paddington Bear and focussing on getting our evidence. Today, I introduced the idea of PEE paragraphs and putting answers into full sentences. I was so impressed with Lilly-Mae's response, she's picked the idea up straight away! Well done!




Week 3 -


Week 4 - 


Week 5 - 


Week 6 -