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Summer 2 - Yo ho ho, a pirating we go!

Yo, ho, ho, a pirating we go!

We have started our new Adventure with a bang! We have had a fun filled pirate day making pirate hats, swords and eye patches as well as listening to pirate stories.


Look how much fun we have had.



Making pirate swords

Our new climbing frame

We have been reading this story this week!

Maths problem solving game. Putting treasure in the chest.

Pirate Ship Junk Modelling Day!

Week 2 - Princess Spaghetti is locked up and the shield of sanctuary that keeps her safe has been smashed by the waves of a terrible storm. The storm also destroyed our ship too. Firstly we made a new ship collecting wooden objects around the room and marking out the shape of the ship. We then set sail through the stormy seas and found ourselves on upside down, back to front land! We had to turn our clothes back to front and we then created a map showing our journey!

This week we have been set a challenge by the islanders. They have asked us to bring light to the island of darkness. We explored wire, circuits and bulbs and after a lot of trial and error we managed to make the bulbs light up. We were so impressed! We then made Lego houses using Lego, duplo and wooden blocks to make houses for the people of darkness island and we put our bulbs inside it. We were rewarded with a clue to where the next piece of the shield was. We hunted high and low and eventually found it hidden in the sandpit.

Week 3 - darkness island

Week 3 - Under sea cave

This week we have set sail but a lightning bolt broke our ship and we had to board a submarine. The submarine has taken us under the sea and we have travelled to an Under Sea cave. We made a submarine and we all got inside looking out the window to see the sea creatures.

we are going to make sea creature booklets and in maths we will be helping an octopus fix his shiny clock and learning to tell the time to the hour. 

Fixing the clock in the sea cave