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At Westwood we believe in letting our Year One children explore their own learning through the art of play. We use provision to enable the gap between Reception and Year One. By doing this it means that the children do not have to have formal learning straight away. We have role play, art, construction, water and sand trays, maths and writing areas, a science area and a stage for the children to discover. Have a look at the pictures below to see what we have been up to. 
We made some amazing kites in our learning time. We can't wait to see them fly!
Kai made an amazing model of a building. He told me all about it and the shapes that he used.
The girls in Blossom class have loved working their little fingers with this fine motor activity! Boo made a house with her elastic band and Mia created a beautiful pattern.
I was so impressed with the work that some of the boys did in class today. They used tweezers to create towers in size and colour order. 
A few of the activites we have been up to this week, water play, fine motor activites and phonics game on the board.