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Boys and Girls, 


Your challenge is to draw the pirates a map of crazy hair island. 
What do you think there is in the island? What colour might the trees be? What would the people and creatures that live there look like? 
Submit your maps for the pirates by uploading them to tapestry!



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Well Done to everyone that completed yesterday's maths game!


The next maths challenge game is a bit trickier as it just gives you the addition number sentences so you may need to use some objects from around your room to help you, work out the answer or use your finger or the number line on the screen to help!   


Do you think you could practice writing your own number sentences to work out?

Are your numbers correctly formed? 


eg.  8 + 1 =


       2 + 7 =


Miss Rhodes & Miss Penny’s phonics group

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Miss Rhodes & Miss Penny continued

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Can you write anymore words that have the 'ee' sound in them? We would love to see any completed work on Tapestry! 

Miss Murphy’s group

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Miss Murphy’s group continued

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Miss Lindsay and Mrs Burke/Miss Kirk Phonics group

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Red words (everyone)

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Red words to read and write


Have a go at making an Origami hat.  follow the link for a video showing you how. Remember to decorate it afterwards! Who will it be for? You? Mummy? Daddy? A Teddy?

Story Time


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