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Spring 1 - Billionaire Boy

ABBA - Money, Money, Money Lyrics

In our first short edit of 2022, we had to rebuild the sentences. We thought really carefully about word order and making sure it sounded right before then thinking about spellings and punctuation to make them make sense.

We began our adventure by all going into the hall. Mr Cooper read us the beginning of Billionaire Boy and then all of a sudden Joe appeared! He showed us some of the things he had and we decided he was a bit stuck up and a show off. We then met his dad and he showed us all of the fortunes he had! 

Back in class, we got to have a go at Mr Spud's job which was rolling toilet paper around the cardboard tube. We realised how boring it was! We then thought about Joe and how he was alone and didn't have any friends. This got us into thinking about our first piece of writing!

We looked through some example adverts and sorted their features. We cut up the adverts and stuck them in the correct places. We were then introduced to the Wizard Words and played Vocab Roll with them. Later in the week, we built speech sandwiches when reminding ourselves the rules of speech. Our finished adverts for Joe's perfect friend were wonderful!

In art, we learnt about Andy Warhol. We did some research about him and his style of art. We then drew some chocolate bars in his style and used oil pastels to plan the colours we were going to use. Next, we'll be printing the chocolate bars in pop art style using paint.

Joe was bullied quite a lot at school for his size. In RSHE, we learnt about the different types of bullying and strategies for dealing with bullying. 

Our finished Pop Art pieces look amazing! It'll be a tricky decision for art gallery this half term for Mr Cooper!

Miss Dibnah came into our class this week with some exciting news from the council. She had been sent plans from Leeds City Council to create a new Adventure Playground at Westwood, but we don't have the money to be able to create it. She asked for advice on how we could get the money - and we remembered we know a billionaire called Joe Spud! This led us to write a letter to Joe asking him for some money for our new adventure playground!

We had an Adventure Day where the children did lots of different activities with the different teachers. With Mr Cooper, the children made toilet-roll toys like Mr Spud used to do for Joe in the book. The children planned and designed their toys to suit the target audience and used lots of different materials to make some great toys!

In RSHE, Harriet from Leeds City Council came to visit us to teach us how to be safe on the roads. We began with a briefing and knowledge check altogether before Harriet took the children out onto the roads around school and taught them how to cross safely. 

In music, we have been looking at the hiphop genre and thinking about raps. We began by listening to some different artists and giving our opinions. We then used this to analyse the layout of a hiphop song and then wrote and performed our own.


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In writing, we imagineered Joe Spud's house and visited lots of different rooms. We guided our partner round the house and described the rooms to them. We then used this to write a description of Bumfresh Towers.

In RSHE, we have been learning about basic life support. The children learnt how to conduct a primary survey, how to put someone in the recovery position and how to complete CPR. We then had a go at some of the procedures on each other and tried CPR to Staying Alive on our books. The children were very tired after just 1:45! 



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