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That's not my dinosaur hunt....

(Resources: card, pen, scissors)

Who loves the 'That's not my....' books? I do! Can you make your own dinosaur like mine below?

When you have decorated it and made it look beautiful, can you go out into your garden and find different textures? Have a watch of my video below to see what you can do when you go outside!

That’s not my dinosaur...

Still image for this video

Dinosaur junk modelling

(Resources: old cardboard boxes, glue, scissors, colours)


One of the best things to do is to build using old carboard boxes and tubes. It is so much fun and you can make yours as big or extravagant as you like! I like to use toothpaste tubes for long necks and cereal boxes for big dinosaur bones! Can you find some boxes around your house that you don't need anymore and stick them altogether to make a dinosaur? You could even make a dinosaur bone or a volcano for the dinosaurs to play in! 

Good luck, I'd love to see the finished ones! 

Junk model dinosaur

Still image for this video