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If you haven't watched the live input, we are looking at converting cm to m and cm and m to cm. For the guided practice (first sheet) you need to use what you know (100cm = 1m) and convert it to cm for example: 1m and 92cm = 192 cm. For the workbook sheets you need to do the same thing. For the first sheet you need to change the measurement to cm and at the side show it firstly in m and cm. Underneath in m and cm separate and finally back into cm.

MATHS- Complete the guided practice and workbook sheets following the input.

Mrs Thompson’s Maths group- counting in tens and ones. For the first question write in the box how many ones are left over and then what is the total number. For the second question add up the groups of ten and write it the box. Finally add the ones and write the total number.

This week we are looking at Flat Stanley in Guided Reading. If you are unable to access the live input, we are looking at making predictions this week. Simply chose one of the sheets and make predictions on what the characters are saying, what happens next, what happens later in the text or complete the comprehension questions. For the rest of the week chose a different sheet each day to complete. 
In Writing this week, we are writing a setting description of New York. If you are unable to access the live input download the sheet below, watch the video of New York and think imagine you are there! Make detailed notes on what you can imagine hearing, seeing, smelling and touching. We will start to write the setting description later this week!

WRITING- After watching the video, complete the worksheet so that you have a bank of all your senses.

New York City 8K - VR 360 Drive

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