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Friday 26th February


 Today we are going to be comparing and order the volume of liquid in different containers. Volume means the amount of liquid that the container can hold or is holding. Have a look at the 3 containers below. Which one do you think is holding the largest volume of water? Why? How can we check? Watch the videos below to see the volume of water in each container.

volume of water in the glass

Still image for this video

volume of water in the jug

Still image for this video

volume of water in the box

Still image for this video

All of the liquid was poured out into the same containers and now we can easily compare their volume. The glass was holding more than 400ml, the jug was holding just below 400ml and the box was holding out 300ml. Can you say which container was holding the most? Which was holding the least?


We can use these signs to help us compare the volumes:

< less than

> more than 

= equal


How can we compare our containers?


Today we are going to be looking at blue and pink crayons and how they are feeling. Has Duncan upset them both? Re-read their letters below and see if you can answer the questions.




1. What does blue crayon think is great?

2.  What has blue crayon enjoyed colouring?

3. What is the bad news about blue crayon?

4. What can't blue crayon do now?

5. What does blue crayon need?

6. What is pink crayons problem?

7. Why does pink crayon think this has happened?

8. Who has used pink crayon?

9. What does pink crayon want to colour?


Adding -ful and -less to root words. 

Have a go at the activities below:


- for the word search you need to add -ful or -less to the words and then find the new adjective in the box.

-for activity 1 you need to add either -ful or -less to the words and then make the correct choice to fit the sentence.

-for activity 2 you need to use the word you have been given to write a sentence about the crayons.


Red crayon has been figuring out how to look after plants best. The results of his experiment are in! (what happened to your plants?).


Take a look at what happened below!


Sign into your purple mash and have a go at the new 2Do all about plants.