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Week 8 Activities

Day 1 - 

Today we are going to use our imaginations. Being inside the house all day makes me want to go on holiday so I thought for today you could all create your dream holiday destination. Where would you go? What would you do there? Can you draw a picture of everything that you would pack, will it be swimming costumes, sunglasses, sun lotion? Or are you going somewhere cold and need fluffy socks and warm clothes?

Day 2 - Writing 

I bet all of you are missing your friends - I know I am! Today I would like you to write a postcard or letter to your friends. Try and include these things in it, 

- Who it is for 

-What you have been doing at home 

-How you are feeling 

- What you are looking forward to doing when this is all over 

- Who it is from 

Day 3 - Maths 

Today I would like you to find a toy or teddy and hide it somewhere! Then, see if your family can ask you questions about where the toy is. Parents, if you could try and use positional language when asking the children where the toy is, for example, is it behind the sofa? Is it hiding on top of the fridge?

Day 4 - Music 

I know how much you all love sing up at school, you're all amazing performers! Below is a link to sing up website, I would like you to practise a song on there and create your own dance moves. You can practise the alien shuffle, or ain't no mountain high enough which you practised in singing lessons. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Day 5 -

I have been watching lots of films recently with different superheroes in them. I was wondering, if you were a superhero what powers would you have? What would your outfit look like? Describe and draw yourself as a superhero for today's task!