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Firework Maker's Daughter

To start our adventure, we had our very own firework party with sweets and an amazing display! 

This week, we are writing a setting description! We went to the park so that we had lots of ideas and could imagine the scene of an exotic jungle! 

This week, we wrote an advert trying to encourage people to visit Rambashi’s jungle grill! We looked at what an advert looks like and then made our own scrabble board using our wizard words.

In Art, we have been building up to creating our own sculpture of a firework in the style of Alexander Calder! Take a look at the whole process. 

In R.E, we are learning how different religions celebrate festivals of light! Firstly, we looked at the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. We retold the story and answered questions on the importance of light within this festival. 

In writing this week, we learnt that the king is planning on hosting a new year festival! We got into role as the king and designed the festival. We thought about food, performances and merchandise. We presented our ideas to the rest of the class!