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Monday 1st March

Today we are going to compare the volume of water in the containers by measuring the amount of cups that they hold.

This week we are going to be reading the book  'The Tin Forest' bu Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. 


We are going to be working on our visualisation skills this week. This means we will be looking at what we can see in our heads throughout the story. For this reason I will not show you the pictures from the story. It is your job to think about what those pictures would look like. 


Get your visualisation googles ready!

This is what we know from the story- Have a read through and see what you can visualise.


'There was once a wide wind swept place, near nowhere and close to forgotten, that was filled with all the things that no one wanted. Right in the middle was a small house, with small windows, that looked on other people’s rubbish and bad weather. In the house lived an old man. Every day he tried to tofu away the rubbish, sifting and sorting, burning and burying. And every night the old man dreamed. He dreamed he lived in a jungle full of wild forest animals. There were colourful birds, tropical trees, exotic flowers, toucans, tree frogs and tigers.'

In each lens of the glasses I want you to think about what you can see in the story. In the first lens I want you to draw how you see the Tin Forest. In the second lens I want you to draw what you think the old man's dream forest would look like.



This week we are going to be helping purple crayon. He has a problem with Duncan- Duncan keeps colouring outside of the lines! Today you are going to imagine that you are purple crayon and that Duncan is colouring with you. Have a look at the colouring below that Duncan has used you for. Think about how this makes you feel. You may have different feelings at different stages of your day.


  1. being chosen to colour
  2. what you have been chosen to colour
  3. Duncan going outside of the lines every time


Have a look at the emotions below and think about how you are feeling at each stage of your day. You may feel more than one emotion at each stage.

You are going to write in your diary about you day as purple crayon. You will need to talk about:

  • being chosen by Duncan
  • what you got to colour
  • how it made you feel when Duncan was going outside of the lines
  • what you decided to do about it


For each point remember to write about your emotions.


Our objective today is to use 'if'. 'If' tells us that something will happen if something is not done. In this case you as purple crayon will 'Completely lose it' if Duncan doesn't start colouring in the lines! Another example may be: I will only come home from Asia if you start to colour neatly.


Purple crayon has decided to take a break in Asia (so that he doesn't completely lose it!). We need to make sure that purple crayon is prepared for his trip. First of all can you find Asia on the map below?  

Asia has the most different types of weather compared with any other continent. If purple crayon is going to travel around, he needs to be prepared for each type of weather. 


Asia has an arctic climate in Siberia and tropical climates in South-East Asia. Siberia is also one of the coldest places on earth. In the tropical regions of South-East Asia, also the most tropical storms occur.


Can you design two outfits for purple crayon- One for Siberia and one for South-East Asia?