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Adventure 1: Up, Up and Away!

Parker the Plane needs our help...

We met parker the plane who had lots of worries. His Grandad told him that he had lots of friends that could help him confront his fears. We wrote a description of Parker to let the other vehicles know who to look out for.

We drew pictures of Parker to go with our descriptions. Take a look.

Grandad Jeff told us that planes have been flying for over 100 years, we thought about how a plane might look 100 year in the future. Have a look at our ideas.

We then found out that the Wright Brothers invented the first aeroplane. We completed a Burn2Learn which told us different facts about them.

As Parker was taking his first flight, we decided to make kites (which the Wright Brothers were inspired by) to show Parker how fun flying could be. 

Parker told Jeff about his next worry, flying over water. Jeff sent him down to meet Boris the boat at the harbour. We imagineered what it would be like to have been on the boat in the storm and wrote our descriptions.

We decided that Parker better be waterproof if he might land in water. We conducted an experiment to see which materials would remain waterproof when submerged in water.

We then wrote a letter back to Grandad Jeff to tell him all about our trip out to sea with Boris and the terrible storm that hit. We told him step by step what had happened.

We then carried on our investigation to see which of our waterproof materials would, importantly, float to keep Parker and his passengers safe.

We then decided to thank Boris for all of his help by making him a friend to sale with. We used all of our experiments to help us. We first wrote instructions to help Parker make a boat.

We then designed the boat that we wanted to make and thought about the materials we were going to use.

Then we made our boats! We tested them out in the water to check they would work before sending them off to Boris.

Grandad Jeff told Parker about his next friend that could help with Parker’s worry of going fast. He gave us a flyer for The Magic Train Ride with Troy the Train.

We wanted to test a way to slow Troy and Parker down quickly. We thought about what the runway should be made from. We tested different materials and found out that fabric slowed him down fastest.

Parker had so much fun on the magic train that he wanted everyone to have a go. We made posters to stick up in the airport.

Now that we had all experienced the Magic Train Ride we decided to tell everyone back at the airport what we saw and how amazing it was.

We then wrote back to Grandad Jeff to tell him all about our adventure.

Troy asked us to think of another land that he could take his passengers to. We came up with amazing ideas.

As a thank you to Troy we created our own pictures of him. We sent them off to him and he was incredibly excited.

We met Mabel the motorbike who was sent to us by Grandad Jeff. She had a special talent of being amazing at balancing. Parker was worried about staying balanced in the sky, especially when it was windy.

We then drew a map of the race track and added a key.

We went outside and created a race track for Mabel and Parker to practice balancing on. We made sure there were lots of tests for Parker, like balancing on his wheels whilst jumping through hoops and jumping over ramps.

As a present to Parker to ensure that his worry had gone, Mabel asked us to make Parker windsocks like there are at airports. We created them following instructions and then held them up outside to show Parker how they worked. We all worked out which was the wind was blowing.

As a thank you to Bruce, Parker asked us to help him make a present. We looked at the work of Roy Lichtenstein and created a pop art style bus and plane.

We then created our own stories and thought about what else might have caused Bruce and Parker to re-route.

When Parker met Bruce they went on a trip following Bruce’s bus route. Along the way they passed different things. Near the end of the route they became stuck as a tree had fallen in the road. We acted out and made freeze frames to show each part of the route.

Bruce was surprised when he met Parker because he had not seen a plane in a while! We did a Burn2Learn and ordered planes throughout history to show Bruce how planes have changed.

This week Parker told Grandad Jeff that he was worried about travelling with a plane full of passengers as he didn’t know how to keep them safe. Grandad Jeff sent him to meet Cassie the Car, who is owned by Mrs Armitage and her family, who is confident at taking passengers safely.

Cassie taught Parker all about safety and Parker then reported back to Grandad Jeff what he has learnt.

We found out that, every Sunday, Cassie takes Mrs Armitage to church. We looked at why Mrs Armitage found church a special place to go and thought about our own special places.

Mrs Armitage is not a careful car owner and bumped Cassie around a lot! This caused Cassie to turn into a different vehicle. We designed lots of different vehicles she could have turned into.