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KS1: Shiver Me Timbers

The children in Blossom, Cherry and Chestnut classes underwent a transformation to begin their new adventure, Shiver Me Timbers. They became buccaneers, intrepid explorers on the Great Pirate Ship. They began sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and discovered a new island that didn’t appear on their map! They find their first clue on the island and then this leads them to may more clues.


In Chestnut class, they decided to first explore the island. They drew maps to show the different areas of the island including all the physical aspects. They then wrote descriptions of the island including expanded noun phrases on either side of the noun.

The next clue led the children to the Twisted Tunnels. It was very dark and they wouldn’t be able to find their way. Then, up popped Mr Mole and he told them that he would help. As a mole, he can’t see very well, but he uses his sense of smell to find his way around. They learnt all about the sense of smell and used it to find their way down the tunnels to the next clue. Oh no! The tunnel was blocked, what could they do? Mr helped by digging their way out using his claws. After imagineering being stuck in the tunnel, the children wrote about their experience. The children in Blossom focused on using capital letters and full stops.

The final clue took the children to cryptic cave. They had to write poems as part of their task in the cryptic cave. They included rhyming words in the poem about their adventure as a whole.