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Thursday 25th February

Maths - 


We are moving on from addition and subtraction and will be looking at making equal groups. Equal means the same, so if I had 5 cupcakes on one plate and 6 on another, they would not be equal groups. I will need to have two groups of 5 in order for it to be equal. 

Writing - 


We are going to have an editing lesson today. This editing lesson will be focussing on punctuation, such as question marks, commas and full stops. Please copy out the text below and edit it so that it is correct. 

Handwriting - 


Follow the video to see what you will be practising today.

Tall letters

Still image for this video

Art - 


Todays adventure will be an art lesson. I would like you to sketch and colour a picture from the postcard that Red Crayon sent. Try to make it as neat as possible as your work may be selected to go in the Art Gallery at the end of the half term!