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Monday 1st March

Maths - 


We are continuing to look at equal groups. Think about what equal means - does it mean the same amount, or a different amount? Equal means the same, so if you had 5 in one group and 5 in another group, then they are equal as there is 5 in both. For your work today, you have to see how many objects are in each group and then tick if they are equal or not. I would like you to complete both sheets. 

Writing - 


Over the weekend another letter fell on to Miss Robinson's desk! Let's open it and have a read. You can hear what the letter says below. It is from Purple Crayon - he has had enough of Duncan too. He says that he is fed up of not be used properly as Duncan never colours in the lines when he uses him. Purple crayon has decided to go to Asia for a deserved break! 


We are going to be writing a diary entry from Purple crayons point of view. This means that we are going to imagine we are purple crayon, so we need to use I in our work.  our main objective is to use because in your work. You can use this when you are giving a reason for something, eg "I have gone on holiday to Asia because I am not being used properly." 


Things to include - 

Dear Diary 

Where you have gone to - Asia 

Why have you gone there - Were not used properly 

How you feel - happy. sad etc 

video-1614246010 (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Spellings - 


I would like you to continue to practise the days of the week but there will also be new spellings added. If you feel confident with spelling the days of the week then you can just focus on the new spellings. The new spellings are words that we are going to be looking at in our writing and adventure lessons this week so it will be good to remember them to help with your other subjects.















Spell the Days of the Week! (song for kids about spelling the days of the week)

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Religious Education - 


In our RE lesson today we are going to be looking at what makes you, YOU. All of you are so creative and unique and I want to build on that. Have a think about what you do that you enjoy, do you go to any clubs? Do you love cooking, or creating new buildings with your lego pieces? Have a think, that is the thing that makes you different to everyone else and it is so important to remember that even though everyone is different, we can still get along with one another and have fun. 


I would like you to draw a picture of you and the thing that makes you unique. You can then write a sentence if it is slightly unclear from the picture about what you like to do. Have fun!



What makes YOU unique?

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