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KS1 have been learning about the meaning of Christmas and why Christians celebrate it.  They made the link between the work they were doing to create their nativity to perform to parents and the Christmas story.  They talked about and drew pictures showing where Jesus was born.

KS1 have been learning about the Christmas story.  They used the traditional Christmas party game  'pass the parcel' to help them do this.  In each  layer  of the parcel, there was a different picture.  At every layer. their teacher,  Miss Dicks used the picture to tell them the next part of the story.

KS1  have been finding out  about the Islam community.  They talked about  the special place the mosque and why this is a place of importance to Muslims.

KS1 have been exploring events which are celebrated in different faiths.  They asked themselves the question - How and why do we celebrate special events?

Blossom class looked at Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of light.

They talked about the Hanukkah Menorah, the special candle holder and made one themselves using paper.



Chestnut Class have been talking about the approach to Christmas. They learned that this time is called 'Advent'

They know advent is what Christians call their countdown to Christmas.  They collected green leaves and berries to make wreaths and made candles to add to them, writing on their significance  and the reason they are lit. 

Blossom class have been talking about their own experiences of Christmas. They then found out about ways other people around the world celebrate and made comparisons.