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Fine Motor Friday


Leaf weaving

(Resources: leaves, string or ribbon)

Have a go at doing some weaving using leaves and practise your fine motor skills. What you need to collect are some leaves. Can you get some on your daily walks? All different sizes and shapes. Can you talk about the different shapes you find on your walks. Squares, triangles, rectangles, circles.

When you get home, put some holes into the leaves and have a go at threading the string through the holes. Can you make different patterns by threading the string through different holes.

Please send any work you do to


Carrot Club Cutting Skills

(Resources: paper, scissors, pen, printer)

Practise your fine motor skills on Fine motor Friday and print off these worksheets to practise your cutting skills. Can you hold your scissors like we've practised at school and cut down the lines on the paper.

If you don't have a printer at home, you could ask your adult to draw some lines on a piece of paper and then you could cut down them. How many different lines can you cut out? Wavy lines, zig zag lines, straight lines? Can you think of any more?