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Princess Protections Programme

The dragon tried to kidnap Princess Pippa. To keep her safe we have sent her to India. We created maps of India to show the different physical features of the country using natural materials.

The naughty dragon has been knocking down buildings around Leeds city center. We used junk modeling to recreate the building.

In art, the children used calk to create Leeds city skyline.

Princess Pippa is finding it difficult to deal with the heat in Delhi. We decided to make her a beautiful fan, so she can cool herself down.

In a Burn to Learn, the children found adjectives around the table and matched them to the nouns in the picture of the castle. They then went on to write fantastic description s of the castle.

We compared and contrasted life in Leeds to Delhi. The we got to try on a saree.

As the dragon has knocked down the castel, we created a new stain glass window for the throne room. We used Indian patterns Princess Pippa sent us from Delhi as inspiration.

We had a great time on our school trip to Kirkstal Abbey. We pretended it was Princess Pippa's castel after the dragon had burnt it down.

We retold the story of Zog the Dragon in drama. Then we wrote our own version of the story.

The dragon has been defeated. To celebrate we decided to hold a Grand Indian Banquet. We made a vegetable curry and then shared it with the key stage and all our parents.

We found out about a tradition from Delhi to celebrate the Holi Festival. This tradition is to throw paint, which we did! it was great fun!