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Monday 22nd February


Welcome back! In maths this week we are continuing to look at telling the time. Today we are working backwards- we are given the end time and need to turn the clock back to find out what time each event started. 


Things to remember:

The minute hand moves to each large number in 5's (5 minutes between each number).

The hour hand moves in one's to each large number (60 whole minutes in each hour). 


Our text this week is 'The Day the Crayon's Quit'. Today we are going to be looking at why the red crayon quit. 

The Day the crayons quit - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for children



1. what did Duncan find when he went to take out his crayons?

2. Why does the red crayon want to talk to Duncan?

3. Name two things the red crayon is bored of colouring.

4. What does the red crayon have to colour on holidays?

5. How does the red crayon feel?

6. How do you think Duncan could cheer up red crayon?



Our new adventure starts with he disappearance of red crayon.  Below is the letter that red crayon sent to Duncan, red crayon has had ENOUGH and decided to quit and on holiday.




Hey Duncan, 

It’s me, red crayon. We need to talk. You make me work harder than any of your other crayons. All year long I wear myself out colouring fire engines, apples, strawberries and everything else that’s red. I even work on holidays! 

I have to colour all the Santas’ at Christmas and all the hearts on valentine’s day! I need a rest, so I have taken a holiday to France! 

Your overworked friend, red crayon. 


We can't do any colouring without red crayon...we need him to come home! Lets write a letter to red crayon, asking him to come home. 


Things to include - 

To / From 

What we want (him to come home)

Why do we want him to come home (help us colour in)

What reasons do we have for him to come home (We won't make him colour as often as he is, we will get him to colour other things that aren't supposed to be red)


Our writing focus today is going to be comma's in a list. Comma's separate different ideas that we have. For example, we could list the reasons the we want red crayon to come home (to colour monsters, dragons, sea creatures and jungles). We can also use comma's when listing the things we will not make him do (I won't make you colour hearts, Santa hats or strawberries.)


To learn about the importance of special people in your lives 

Can you draw a pictures of your special people. Close your eyes and think of one special person (someone you see every day or someone they see less often) and think about what makes them special. 

Make a  list of your special people on one side and what they do that makes them special on the other.

Now complete the sentence starter: Friends _____ or A good friend is _____. You need to rank the statements in order of what is most important in a friendship. Discuss whether it is possible for one friend to have all of these qualities all of the time.  If not, does this mean they are not a good friend?