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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Day 1 - 

- Have a go at completing the maths activity. Try and measure different things using your hands or feet. how long is everything? 

- Practise the letter d, tracing it and knowing the rhyme. "d d dinosaur. Up to his head, round his bottom." 

- Pick a story and predict what you think may happen in it, can you sit and listen to the story for the whole time it is being read?

Day 2 - 

- Today will be all about feeding Stanley! What do you think is a healthy meal? Would it be crisps and chocolate? Think about what would be good food to feed Stanley. Then, I want you to count how many items you give him. 

- It is time to get balancing and throwing. If you have a ball, practise kicking it in the garden, throwing it to your mum and back. Can you catch it without it dropping? Once you have done this, ask your mum to give you different balancing poses to do. Can you stay still for it and not fall over?

- Go over practising d d dinosaur. What words have d in them?

Day 3 -

I hope you had a lovely weekend Georgia! For today I would like you to find some bricks, or you can use toys or even food! I would like you to begin by splitting them equally into two piles. Then, can your mum mix them up and you have to tell her which has more and which has less? 

- I would like you to draw a picture of what you did at the weekend and mark make a sentence to say what you did. 

- Practise the letter d d dinosaur and p p pirate!

Day 4 - 

- I would like you to practise  g g girl today. Keep doing name practise and matching letters to your name. You are becoming really good at it now! 

- You have been having lots of fun playing outside in the past few days so let's do todays activity outside in the sun. I would like you to create a bird, hedgehog, or fairy house! Collect twigs and grass and make a home for them. I would love to see pictures of it