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Adventure 2: River Rescue

This adventure began with a letter from famed documentary maker David Attenborough asking for our help.

As not all the children knew who David Attenborough was, we began by doing a little research into his life and achievements and ordered them to create a timeline of his life.
Before using this information to write a short biography about Sir David, we practiced our skills of proof reading with a Burn 2 Learn.
Burn 2 Learn complete, the children were tasked with writing a short biography of Sir David Attenborough.

David Attenborough: An Autobiography by Jessica

We looked at a number of rivers from around the world and found out some facts about them.
We have even been looking at rivers in our Reading lessons with this text all about rivers.
Our next piece of writing was a story based around a fish in a river. We began by planning it.
Atmosphere was important to the story. At the beginning the river was calm and peaceful so we brainstormed words and phrases which would be good to show this.
Later, the river became polluted! To help visualise this, we did some imagineering and the children had to be fish, swimming along the polluted river. Afterwards, we collected some words which were now suited to describing the rubbish strewn river.
Before writing the story, we had a quick recap on relative clauses so we could use them in our work.

We then looked at the physical features of a river.

After matching key vocabulary to their meaning, we used natural resources from outside to create a rivers journey, labeling it with key features.

We used this to help us write a chronological report on the journey of a river.

We then began to look at the different types of pollution that affect rivers.

We then moved on to looking at the human used of rivers.

We thought about whether these uses were positive or negative for the river. We created a poster to highlight these uses.

Next we looked at how rivers could be used to generate clean energy.

We even had a go at making and testing our own waterwheels.

After testing the waterwheels, we wrote a set of instructions to help others.

Next we had a look at how pollution was causing animals allover the world to become endangered and even go extinct!


Taking inspiration from David Attenborough, we filmed mini episodes to educate people on these animals.

Sumatran Tiger

Amur Leopard

Sumatran Elephant

Black Rhino

After getting a message from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, we wrote him letters telling him how he could help with the problem of pollution.

A Special Message For Westwood

James Bay - Hold Back The River

Our song for this adventure was Hold Back The River by James Bay