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Summer 1-Egypt Explorers

In RE, we have been learning about the belief that there is an afterlife in different religions and how they compare with each other. We looked at Christianity, Islam and Judaism. 

In science, Saffy wanted to know if objects would move differently on different surfaces. To test this out, we passed the ball around in groups using our hands and then put gloves and washing up liquid on them! We noticed how the surface was a lot slippier and therefore it was harder to catch. We returned to the classroom and carried our investigation tion on with toy cars and different surfaces! 

This week we have been writing an advert to sell a pyramid! We looked at the features of an advert using a text selling a ‘SUPER SPY PHONE’.

This week, we wrote a report on ancient Egypt! Before we started to write we broke off into news teams and made our very own news segment on different topics including pharaohs, pyramids and hieroglyphics! 


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Today we were learning about the importance of the afterlife and the processes that they took to ensure they went there. Take a look at us trying out each activity.

In writing, we imagined what it would be like to be locked inside a tomb and from this we wrote a thrilling diary entry. Our focus was to use expanded noun phrases and create tension throughout.

In Geography we had been looking at physical and human features. First of all, we had lots of general examples that we had to group and then more specific features of Egypt.

In Geography this week we have learnt about the importance of the river Nile! Firstly, we researched three cool facts about the physical feature and then described the process of irrigation. Following on from this, we looked at physical and human features of Egypt and compared them to human and physical features near to us!

In writing this week we’re writing a letter to the archeological team stating that we can’t wait to start the dig and what we’re looking forward to finding! In our introduction we had a focus on using commas for a list, we worked as teams to create a sentence that had the commas and the conjunction in the correct spot! Take a look at our activity.

In Science this week, we carried out an experiment looking at magnetic objects! We made predictions on which objects we thought would be magnetic and then explored the classroom for even more magnetic objects. To finish the lesson we thought about how could use our enquiry skills to set up another experiment.

Today, we discussed where Ancient Egypt may lay on a timeline in history, we understood what BC and AD meant and worked as a team to create a human timeline! When we returned to the classroom we made a specific timeline of important events during the Egyptian civilisation. 

After discovering the difference between primary and secondary sources of history we had our very own archaeological dig and found lots of artefacts including amulets, pictures from tombs and necklaces. When we returned to the classroom we answers lots of questions about the artefacts we found the most interesting. 

To begin our adventure this week we located Egypt on a world map using atlases. We found various features of Egypt including the capital city, where things are positioned using compass points and the seas that border the country.