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Dinosaur Movement Game

Get moving and  play the dinosaur moves game.

Use the photos, print out the movement cards or make your own.  Which ever you are able to do use them for creating a game.    Choose a card, read out the caption to your child and let them have a go at moving in that way.  

Continue until all of the actions have been tried.  

Maths - sorting buttons

This is a great activity in so many ways.  Before you start,  ask your child to look closely at the buttons and talk about them.   Support them to use colour names, shape names and number words when playing.  


Children could sort them into groups.

Maybe make a group of all the circle shaped buttons, make a group of red buttons or  try to sort them into two groups, buttons with 2 holes in the middle and buttons with 4 holes in the middle.  




Sorting buttons

Still image for this video

Sorting buttons 2

Still image for this video
Make a model dinosaur


Ask a grown up to draw an outline of a dinosaur onto some cardboard.  You could use a cereal box or an any other piece of cardboard packaging.  Cut out the dinosaur and ask a grown up to cut strips of coloured paper or pages from a magazine.    You can then snip the paper strips  to make smaller pieces to stick onto your dinosaur.     If you can , have a go at some legs and try and make your dinosaur stand up.   


Mrs Kitching’s dinosaur.  Please send a photo of yours to

We cannot wait to see them.