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How a plant grows

(Resources: paper, pen, printer(if you've got one))

As our new topic is Growing this half term we are going to be learning lots about plants and seeds and what different things need to be able to grow.
We will be planting our own seeds and watching and monitoring them to see what happens!


We are so excited for this topic and we hope you are too! 

So, for this activity we are going to see what a plant needs to grow and we are going to put the pictures in order. Can you have a go?


Can you think about what a plant needs to grow. What do you need? Sunshine, soil, water and a seed. If you have a printer, can you print off the sheet attached below and put the pictures in order of how the plant grows. 

Please send me photos of what you get up to at home. If you do not have a printer, ask your adult to draw these pictures and then put them in order. 

Talk to your adult about what is happening in each picture as you put them in order. 

A rose

Still image for this video

Grow a bean in a bag

(Resources: bean, a ziplock bag, kitchen roll or tissues, water, sticky tape)


This is a brilliant experiment! Can you have a try and see if you can grow a bean seed?

Follow these instructions below and have a go. I cannot wait to see what you can grow!


1. Wet the paper towel and put it inside the bag.

2. Put the bean on the paper towel and seal the bag.

3. Tape the bag to a sunny window.

4. The seed needs warmth to begin to show shoots and the sun should provide that. Plus the light will enable everyone to see the growing seed better. It should take 3-5 days for the seed to begin to grow. Keep the paper towel moist, you may need to add a bit of water to it if it dries out.

After 2 weeks, your bean can be planted in the soil or in a pot.

Good luck. Have a look below for mine! 


Still image for this video