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Spring 1

The Great Fairy Tale Disaster

This half term we are very excited to announce our adventure ‘The Great Fairy Tale Disaster’ involving a not so scary ‘Big Bad Wolf’ who only wants to make friends with characters from the children’s favourite fairy Tales. This week we have been exploring ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’! We have been thinking about the story sequence of the three little pigs, how we can describe a wolf, so we know what to look out for if we ever meet the Big Bad wolf. We have also be rebuilding the tumble down cottage using 3D shapes and investigating the number 9 by counting our 9 characters. The adding machine has also been a huge hit in the classroom and we have been learning to combine two groups to make a total. 

Week 2

This week 'The Big Good Wolf' tried to make friends with The Three Little Pigs but found himself falling through the roof of 'The crumble Down Brick Cottage'. The children found a crime scene on Monday morning and had to fix the brick cottage wall with 3D shapes. We have been learning about cubes and cuboids as well as spheres. We retold the story of the wolf falling through the roof of the cottage in our own words and then we went to the woods in Middleton Park on Thursday to spend the morning building the stick house for the pigs. WE loved exploring and finding sticks to build dens with. Some of us even climbed some trees. 


Week 3


This week The Gingerbread Man came running through our adventure. He wanted to get to the other side of the river so we helped him make boats by investigating which materials were waterproof and would float. We also counted out 10 sweets onto our own gingerbread man, investigated the smell and scents of ginger biscuits and playdough. We used our phonetic knowledge to write about what we made to help the The Gingerbread Man get accross the river. 

Week 4 

This week The Big Good Wolf visited the house of The Three Bears. He ate all the porridge so we had to make some more by investigating 10

scoops of porridge in different containers. We scooped, poured and measured talking about full and half full and empty. The Big Good Wolf also broke the chairs in the cottage so we used our very own measuring sticks made of 10 lollipop sticks to measure chairs outside and inside that were shorter / taller than 10. We even ended up measuring ourselves and most of us found we were shorter than 10. We read and then wrote down some adjectives to describe Goldilocks and the three bears. On Friday we had a treat and we also celebrated a birthday. 

Week 5 

This week the children have had the opportunity to explore the provision while the adults carry out their assessment. We have been ordering numerals on a gigantic beanstalk, reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Writing about our favourite superheroes from TV including the PJ Masks. Monday was NSPCC day and we had a visit from 'Buddy' who told us it's ok to speak out. On Friday the whole school celebrated Number Day with a Mathemagician. EVerybody had to wear a number and we learned all sorts of number facts and had lots of exciting number activities on offer including playing number musical statues in Birch class, drawing and writing Chinese numerals and playing with water beads and numicon.