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Egypt Explorers

This term we are going to Egypt! 

Take a look at our D.T project this half term! We made our very own pulley in groups of three. 

A diary entry of our journey to Egypt!

This morning, we went on our first trip out in Egypt! We went to an excavation site. Following this, we decided to make our own archaeologist! How cool are these archaeologists?

Amazing characters descriptions of the archaeologists!

In history we located Egypt on a globe and found out that the river Nile runs through it. We then looked at pictures of Egypt and decided if they were from modern or ancient Egypt.

Take a look at the artwork we’ve been doing in the style of Fabric Lenny and Pablo Picasso! 

Take a look at the work we’ve been doing in our plants, forces and magnets topics! 

In writing, we designed an amazing waterpark for the hotel we’re staying in! After a week of it being open, they shut it! We were so angry that we had to write an argument on why should open it. 

This week, we’re heading down the Nile! We watched a video and imagined we were on a cruise down the river. Whilst watching, we made notes about what we could hear, see, smell and our feelings! Later this week, we’re writing a setting description on our experience. 

In R.E, we created a fact file on Guru Nanak! We’ve really enjoyed learning about the Sikh religion. 

In RSHE, we discussed how important our diet is and how making choices about snacks can affect our health!

In History, we have looked at a range of sources to learn about ancient and modern Egypt, learnt the meaning of civilisation and compared the times lines of Ancient Egypt to the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages!