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Thursday 21st January 2021

Thursday 21st January


Guided Reading (10.30am)

We're going to go back to The Accidental Prime Minister today and use our visualisation skills today. Visualisation allows us to create a mental image in our head of the scene being described by the author. Today, we're going to focus on the senses of sight, smell and sound and think about those at different points of the story. The sheet attached has quotes from different sections of the text. Children need to think about what they can see, hear and smell in that scene thinking about the image the author is painting in their head of the scene or the character. I will demonstrate this on the live lesson. 


Science (anytime)

Today you are going to become proper scientists! Watch the video on the website and follow the link to the video all about sugar! Then, have a look through the PowerPoint which explains how animals and plants get their nutrients compared to humans. Then you need to have a look through the data you have been given. You have a case study about a boy and you need to look at his food diary and try and workout how many portions of fruit and vegetables he eats each day and how much sugar he eats. Then, using all of your knowledge from yesterday about the different food groups, what would you suggest to this boy? What does he need more of in his diet? What does he need less of?


Writing (1pm)

Your biographies are looking excellent - our introduction which we wrote together is brilliant and your 'Early Life' sections are looking really good. Today, we're going to do a bit of work on chronological order. We're going to write the next section of our biography today where Darwin did lots of his work in discovering his theories. In the live lesson, we'll go through the events and talk about putting them in chronological order. There is then a quick SPAG activity to have a go at and then I need the children to write the next section. Remember not to use too many proper nouns and instead replace some with pronouns to avoid repetition. Also, remember everything else we know for writing - capital letters for start of sentences and proper nouns, full stops at the end of sentences, commas for lists and using a wide range of exciting and interesting vocabulary, all whilst remembering the important information about Charles Darwin. 


Maths (9.15am)

We're really getting the hang of this column method now my group - I'm very impressed with the work I'm receiving back and how hard you are working with this tricky bit of maths. Well done! Today, we're going to carry on thinking about that expanded method where we split our numbers up into the different 'parts' and then complete the calculation that way - a lot of you seemed to find that easier yesterday. But today we're going to make it a bit tricker by adding in 3 digit numbers!! It's the exact same really, I'll show you in the live lesson and there's a video below to remind yourself if you need it too! 

Expanded column method

Still image for this video

Science lesson explanation

Still image for this video