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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Celebration assemblies


Good Work: Troy Moyo for excellent work in Maths this week!

British values: Sammie-jo and Izak for persistently getting involved in the lesson and constantly being polite (Mutual respect).

Star Of The Week: Brandon for having a tricky start to home learning but sticking with it to now producing some wonderful work!


Good Work: Peter Folkes- For fantastic work in Science (Labelling the scientific names of the bones on the human skeleton).

British Values: Summer- Davey Raw- Tolerance- For being really persistent and having a great attitude.

Star Of The Week: Millie Mcinall-  For going the extra mile with her work this week and challenging herself

Riley Smith- Having a good attitude and being extremely eager to answer questions. 



Good Work: Mason Donnelly- For amazing work in Guided Reading (visualisation)

British Values Card: Individual liberty- Riley Mcvittie- For ebing so eager to answer questions and get involved with the live lessons.

Star Of The Week: Alfie Cooper- For giving 100% in everything he does.



Good Work: Everyone!

British Values Card: Troy Lupton - Individual Liberty - Excellent perseverance with every lesson.   

Star Of The Week: Toby Roberts- For giving his all with every activity and Jack Kavanagh- For having a wonderful attitude in every lesson and producing some amazing work.