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Tuesday 9th Feb


We are going to be continuing to count in hundredths but this time while looking at mixed numbers. This means that there are whole numbers as well as fractions. We will look at this visually and then practice counting in mixed numbers during the live lesson. A whole number means that you have taken the whole pizza and then a few pieces to then make a mixed number. Then, you will independently carry out the guided practice and workbook questions. I am aware that the jug question in the guided practice is blurry so I will let you know that there are 3 whole litre jugs and then 2/3 of a jug. I hope this helps!

Guided reading:

The next chapter of The Twits talks about Mrs Twit being stretched due to the shrinks. As Mr Twit was stretching her, he had a lightbulb moment and came up with his next plan. We are going to focus on our prediction skills from the 'big 10' and predict what we think he is going to do next. What plan is he concocting?


Today we are going to do some handwriting and spelling activities. We are going to continue with suffixes and this week we are looking at the suffix -sure. I would like you to carry out the handwriting activity which is attached below before the spelling lesson. Go through the twinkl powerpoint to complete the spelling game, we will be doing this during the live lesson together so only do this if you didn't join. Then complete the look, cover, write, check activity before writing a sentence for each spelling. Please make sure that it is all spelt correctly and makes sense.


Still image for this video



Now that you have researched landmarks and famous spots for both physical and human geography you can begin to compare. First, go through the presentation and then fill in the sheet for the similarities and differences between both of them. There are picture prompts to help and a couple of examples.