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Thursday 14th Jan


Continuing with multiplying 3-digit numbers with 1-digit numbers. This time, some of the equations involve exchanging. We have looked at exchanging when doing column addition so if you keep in mind your place value then you will find this easier. I will go through some examples of this in the live lesson and also go through the in focus and let's learn. Then, you will independently carry out the guided practice and workbook. Please try your best to set it out how it is set out on the slides as these slides are from the workbooks and will help you at each step. 


Guided reading:

Today we will be looking at visualisation and I know you are all fantastic at this now! During the live lesson, we will discuss how an author creates an image in your head using their description and how this can link to your 5 senses. We will discuss how to visualise the 4 seasons. If an alien came down from space and you wanted to explain a season to them through visualisation, how would you do it? From this, you will then visualise the space-angel-bat-dragon. I want you to draw a picture based on how the author has described it in chapter 4 of the Iron Man. Then, send me pictures of your work through

Children's work- Amelia


Today, we are going to be continuing with our leaflet. As we discussed yesterday, leaflets need subheadings so today in the live lesson we will write a paragraph for one of the subheadings together and then for your independent task, you will write another of your choice. The main objective for this lesson is to use adjectives. We need to make sure that we are making Yellowstone sound appealing to visitors so using amazing adjectives to describe the place should do this. This means that you will have an introduction and then two subheading paragraphs for your leaflet. This does not mean that you have a completed leaflet. Like we discussed in the genre lesson, there are usually special offers and fun facts included in a leaflet and this will be in tomorrow's lesson. Please sent me your work once you have completed it so that I can give you instant feedback and you might even be able to go back and edit it.

Example adjectives;


From your research of Ansel Adams, I would like you to give it a go. See if you can recreate some of his landscape photos or even add a twist. I think you could create some really amazing up close photographs today with the snow. Try to find a cob web with snow or trees and twigs. If you don't have a camera, you can draw a landscape image that Ansel Adams took a photo of.