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Diwali Nursery

Diwali Reception

Chinese New Year

The Christmas Story

Our Reception children met a Shepherd who read the Christmas story to them.  He explained that it was an important story and the reason that Christians celebrate Christmas. 



The Children in Reception have been learning about Christianity. They have looked at different Bibles and talked about it being a Holy Book to Christians.   They also learned that a Church was a special place for Christians and looked at photographs of different types of Church buildings.


Some children build a model  of a Church. 

Diwali celebrations in Reception

Reception children learned about the festival – Diwali.  They found out that this is celebrated by Hindu’s and is known as the ‘festival of light’.

They learnt that Rangoli Patterns are often drawn outside homes for good luck and Diva lamps might also be placed by the door of a home.

During the Diwali celebrations, the children learnt that food is very important and families get together for a special meal.  . They talked about how this is similar to Christians celebrating Christmas. They tried some Indian food and decided the  poppadum’s were their favourite!

In Reception, the children listened to the story of Rama and Sita and learnt about the importance of Diwali to Hindu families. They talked about other celebrations and related many of the Diwali celebrations to ones they have experienced.


"I watch fireworks on Bonfire night."- Myla


"Rama was so sad that his wife was taken by the evil man." - Evelyn 


"We all eat a big meal at Christmas time." – Darcie

Learning about Eid and other special times. 

We have been so lucky this week to have Zimal's mummy come into school to help us to find out more about the Muslim religion and culture.    We loved looking at and trying on some of the beautiful clothes worn at special times such as the festival of Eid and family weddings.  

We have been learning about mehndi patterns and were really lucky that Zimal's mummy was willing to come into school and bring her henna stick so that she could give us some beautiful henna mehndi patterns. 

We really enjoyed the delicious food that Zimal's mummy had cooked and brought in for us to share.

Remembrance Day


We have been learning about 'celebrations' in Early Years, we talked about our experiences of Bonfire Night, had birthday parties for a couple of very lucky soft toys, enjoyed discovering about Diwali, and prepared for Christmas by making cards, decorated our tree and learned some Christmas songs.  


Our Nursery children liked looking at and talking about the Mendhi patterns and had a go at decorating some hands themselves.

In reception, the children  enjoyed learning about Diwali, the festival of light.  They looked at the story of Rama and Sita and then made their own diva lamps. They sculpted the lamps using clay and moulded them with our fingers and then decorated them. 

Birthdays were something the nursery children liked to talk about when they were thinking about celebrations.   The children talked about their own experiences.

"food", "crispies",  "party", "I come party"   "yes balloons"  "cake and candles"