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Week 1

Monday - 

Writing - 

This week we are meeting the lions! They are looking to build a new den and need your help to do so. If you have a garden, go outside and get lots of sticks and twigs. Try and build a den with the materials you have found and take a picture of it to send to your class teacher. If you can't get to a garden, draw one yourself or make it out of every day materials that are around your house. Be as creative as you like! 

Once you have done this, write a couple of sentences describing what the den looks like. Remember your capital letters, full stops, adjectives and try and use and in your work to make your sentence super! Look at my description for inspiration - 

The dark den is covered in lots of brown sticks. They are very sharp and prickly. The leaves cover the top of the den as then the lions do not get wet when they sleep. The entrance to the den is big and round so the lions can fit in to it. 


Maths - 

Follow the two times table video to start your lesson with. See if you can say them on your own without following the song! If you like, you can record yourselves singing them and then send it over to us. We would love to see how much you know. 

In Maths today we are looking at subtraction. Have a think what that means, what does the minus sign look like? Can you write it down? Can you create a number line with numbers up to 10. Then follow the pictures below and see if you can have a go at working out the questions using a number line. 

Count by 2s Song

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Phonics - 

Follow the phonics lesson below, see if you can join in! 

Lesson 1- Year 1

Our Year 1 Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons are suitable for children who can blend and read words such as 'stamp', 'chair' and 'green'. Copyright 2020 Wan...