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Lower KS2: 'Lego' Solve A Mystery

In Lower Key Stage Two, their adventure was called Lego – Solve a Mystery. It began with them finding lots of clues on the school field. They realised that a lego building which was standing there over the holidays had fallen down as the golden brick had been removed – it has been stolen! They must find the missing golden piece. On the field there was several clues relating to football, superheroes, plants and an envelope saying Ole Kirk Christiansen.

The children explored the field to discover the clues that would lead them through their adventure. They were so surprised and confused by what they found that they wrote a newspaper report explaining what had happened. In Elder, they focused on using the present form of verbs to include in their newspaper report.

In Mulberry, they completed an evidence form to write down the key information. They then used prepositional phrases to describe where the items had been found.

In Oak, they collected the information in the evidence forms before interviewing an eyewitness to use their quote within their newspapers. They interviewed Miss Robertshaw and turned her responses into direct quotes using inverted commas.

When investigating the football findings, the children in Oak immersed themselves in the world of football. They stepped into the shoes of a football mascot. First they completed a ‘show, don’t tell’ activity where they had to describe clearly what they were experiencing. They built powerful descriptions before writing a diary of a day in the life of a football mascot.