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We are all going on a summer holiday

Week 1

We have made start on our new topic for this final half term of the school year 'We 're all going on  a summer holiday.'

We have been busy making things to go in our new role play area, we are selling ice creams of all different types.

We have talked about the things we might do on a holiday at the seaside and swimming and sunbathing  are very popular. 

Beach ball fun
We have had fun with beach balls this week.   Outside we played throwing and catching games, the more we played, the better we got!
Colour mixing
Inside, we had a go at colour mixing to paint a multi coloured beach ball.
Numbered sea shells 
To help us to recognise numbers this week, we looked at numbered sea shells and tried hard to put them in order,  We found number 1 to start and then continued, what comes next? 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10...
Paper plate suns
Look at our paper plate suns.  We used scissors to snip strips of paper to represent the suns rays and then continued to use our fine motor skills to collage the centre of the plate in warm sun-like colours.
Our sandcastle art gave us the  chance to talk about beaches and use different collage materials to create a beautiful picture. We used coloured sand to decorate the sandcastles.
Sandcastle art

Week 2

This week we made father's day cards to give to our daddy's on Sunday.  We each chose a medal template and decorated it, writing a message inside. 


Counting shells

We have been counting shells.  "I have 10 shells, how many have you got?"     "Who has got the most?"   "Put 1 more shell in the bucket, how many now?"

Role Play

Anyone for ice cream?   We have delicious ice cream sundaes, ice lollies and tubs of ice cream for sale in our ice cream parlour.

Ice cream party

This week we had our ice cream parties as a special treat for great attendance.  

Sandcastle making

We  drew pictures to design our own sandcastles, adding flags, pebbles and shells to decorate them.   Then we use our hands to mould and shape the damp sand to create our own sandcastles.


This week we have enjoyed the story 'Rainbow Fish,' so many of our activities have been  about fish.   We looked at different fish that live in the ocean and looked at other creatures that live in the sea.

Look at some of our fabulous hand-print fish pictures, they are lovely and colourful, just like some of the fish that live down at the bottom of the deep blue sea.

Outdoor play

We have had lots of fun outside this week. 

Some were being musical, playing the chime bars and singing,. Others were looking for pea pods  that are ready to be picked and enjoying the round juicy peas inside.  There was lots of climbing and jumping with some fabulous landings, as well as lots of imaginative play - on the  camp fires the boys were cooking burgers and toasting marshmallows.

Week 4

Shape Boats

We used 2D shapes - circles, triangles, squares and rectangles to make a boat picture.  Can you name the shapes?

Catching fish - fine motor skills

We used tweezers to catch fish and put them in the net, this helps to develop a good grip so that we can hold pencils well and draw and write.  We also did some great  counting and found numbers to match the number of fish.

Boat building - team work

We worked together to make a big boat and then set of on an adventure - we paddled away!

Making and testing boats