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Ancient Greece


To start our Zero to Hero Adventure, we visited Greece. We explored the country and found out all about Athens and its history.

As we are looking at different events over time, we looked at timeline of Ancient Greece and put the events in chronological order. We also talked about the difference between BC and AD.



We then  learnt all about the Parthenon and completed a design of this using a variety of equipment. 

We then read the story about the Trojan Horse and worked in groups to create one of our own. We made this using wood, paper and lollipop sticks. 

In music, we learnt about the composer Beethoven in an Ancient Greek scene from the film Fantasia. After listening to his music and how it links to the scene, we created some of our own on keyboards. We then performed these to the class, where we related it to the same scene.  

Now we are at the Olympics! We practiced a variety of the well-known events that take place during this exciting time. These included javelin, discus and long jump.