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Celebration Assembly

31/3/23- our star of the week this week was Caleb! He has had a fantastic week after been poorly. He came into school with a smile and confidence all week which has sometimes been a struggle in the past! We have been very proud of his determination this week and the effort he has put into his work.

24/3/23- our star of the week this week was Cooper. He has had a brilliant week giving 100% effort into all of his work. He has had great participation during carpet inputs and has been a great partner. Well done Cooper for a super week!

17/3/23- our star of the week this week was Diego. He has recently been excelling across all subjects. In particular his reading! He has recently moved phonics groups and he is coming on in leaps and bounds with his reading. His fluency is fantastic and he has become such a confident reader. We are so proud of him.

10/3/23- a huge well done to our star of the week this week, Raigen! What a super week you have had Raigen. You have tried so hard this week, you have given fantastic ideas during inputs and worked really well as a partner. Well done.

3/3/23- this week our star of the week was Elsie. She has had a super week. She has entered our class through our classroom door all week and has been happy. This has been something Elsie has found hard lately and we are so proud of her for this! She also has been working hard to learn her spellings and this showed in her score of 5/5! Well done Elsie.

24/2/23- our star of the week this week was KiedeynJames. He has been trying so hard with all of his work this week. Especially to remember his finger spaces in his writing and trying to make his writing neater. Well done KiedeynJames!

10/3/23 Jessica was our star this week. Jessica always puts 100% into her work. This week I have been really proud of how much she is trying to improve her writing. She can find sentence writing tricky at times but she has persevered and produced some fantastic writing. Well done Jessica

3/2/23 Our star of the week this week was Elijah. We have been so impressed with how grown up and independent Elijah has been this week. He has been a role model for his peers. Well done Elijah!

27/1/23- Our star of the week this week is William. Wow William has had a super week this week. He has completed all of his work which can sometimes be tough for William, especially his reading! We couldn't have asked anymore of William this week. Well done!

13/1/23- Archie was star of the week this week! He has had a fantastic week. Everyday he has arrived with a smile on his face which sometimes has been hard for him this year. He has worked really hard this week. I have been particularly impressed with his reading. Well done Archie.

6/1/23- A massive well done to Lincoln this week. He has made white effort in all his work. His writing has improved massively and I am so impressed with the progress he is making in reading. During carpet inputs this week he has had excellent answers to share with the class and has sat beautifully. Well done!

16/12/22- A huge well done to Jaxton this week! He has been making a conscious effort to put his hand up to answer questions rather than eagerly shouting out his answers. He has also given 100% in everything he has done. What a great week Jaxton!

16/12/22- STAR OF THE HALF TERM- Briana- what a fantastic half term! You are always sitting beautiful on the carpet, you participate well in class discussions and are confident to share your ideas. You always try your best. You are a credit to the class. Well done!

9/12/22- Ralphy- so well deserved this week! What a super week you have had, you have worked hard all week and had excellent behaviour. What a role model for your peers. Well done Ralphy.

2/12/22- Evie- this week Evie earnt star of the week after having a fantastic week of contributions on the carpet during lessons. She has been trying extra hard with her sentence writing too and her handwriting is beautiful. Well done for a super week Evie.

25/11/22- Lyra was chosen for star of the week this week. This was for all her hard work and effort she gives everyday across all subjects. Lyra is a superstar every week and truly deserves to be star of the week this week. Well done Lyra!

18/11/22- Neve- this week Neve has been trying so hard across all subjects. Particularly in her writing, where she has tried to be independent and challenge herself. 

11/11/22- Harley- this week we have been so impressed with Harley. He has been participating in all lessons well. He has been sharing good ideas and trying to speak in full sentences.

4/11/22- our star of the week this week was Briana, I have been so proud of Briana. She is a role model for her peers and always gives 100% into everything she does. She is becoming a lot more independent with her work and I really couldn't be prouder. Well done Briana!

20/10/22- STAR OF THE HALF TERM- a huge well done to Jakob who was our star of the half term. Jakob has been an always child all this half term. Always giving 100%, always on task, always sensible. Truly well deserved. Well done Jakob!

14/10/22- Cooper- a huge well done to Cooper this week. He has become such a confident learner who take his independent challenges in his stride. I am so proud of how hard he is working. Well done Cooper!

7/10/22- Jakob- Well done Jakob. All week you have been a fantastic role model to your peers. You have taken changes in your stride and you are working so hard. Keep it up!

30/9/22- Freya has been chosen for star of the week because she has taken so well to the expectations of year one. She has taken the challenges in her stride and helped her peers do the same. Well done Freya!

23/9/22- Ruben was chosen as our star of the week as he has entered school happy and ready to learn all week. At times this has been hard for Ruben but he has done it and we are so proud of him.

16/9/22- Aamira was chosen as our star of the week because she is always such a good role model to her peers.