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Fine motor Friday!!


Fine motor colouring

(Resources: colouring pens or pencils, colouring sheet)

This activity is a great one! Have a go at practising your fine motor skills by doing some colouring in. I have attached some colouring sheets below that would be brilliant for you to colour in. Can you choose your favourite one? 

If you don't have a printer, can you find a colouring sheet at home and colour it in then send it to me? I would love to see yours! 

Chopsticks and tweezers

(Resources: tweezers, chopsticks, paper, pencils, objects to pick up)

It is really good for the muscles in your fingers and hands, to practise using your fine motor skills whenever you can. It will set you up for writing when you come to it and holding your pencil correctly. 


Can you practise picking up and moving objects from one plate/bowl to another using sticks from outside, chopsticks, tweezers or pencils. It is a tricky challenge - Mrs Norton is great at it, but Mrs Gray finds it very tricky so will be practising too! Good luck!