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KS1: Are You Incredible?

In Key Stage One, their new adventure was INCREDIBLE! At the end of their last adventure, they all became superheroes but didn’t yet know their superpower so had to go to superhero school. To help them find their superpowers they got assigned to a superhero family – The Incredibles. They then could start on their many missions. In Cherry, they first wrote applications to ensure they would be accepted into Superhero school.

When working with Mrs Incredible, the children discovered that she liked to do yoga poses to help her unwind after a mission. The children then learnt some of these poses before writing instructions for others to be able to do so.

When working with the superhero Dash, they completed a speedy leg race to see if they could move as fast as him. They wrote adverts in Chestnut then to see if someone else would want to try the mission.

The children’s science objective was to look at plants. They completed an experiment to see which conditions a plant would grow in. Then the villain from their story, Sindrome, stole their flowers. The children wrote a wanted poster to see if anyone knew what had happened.