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Serenity asks...  How do Sikhs show commitment?



Serenity is asking the question.... What values are shown in codes for living? 

Do rules matter?

What codes for living do people who are not religious use?

What codes for living do Christians try to follow?


Where do Muslims find their inspiration?

UKS2 have been exploring key Muslim stories that teach us about Muslim actions, words and instructions. The children re enacted the different stories and will be analysing their meaning and how we will apply it to our everyday life.


UKS2 have been learning about Jewish codes of living.

The children learnt about Tikkum Olam - the Jewish view that we must care for our world.

After a class discussion, they labelled a broken world with solutions to solve the world’s problems before writing a speech about how to make small changes in our life following Tikkum Olam.

UKS2  created symbols which represent an organisation which is dedicated to world peace, such as the EU, Christian Aid and Islamic Relief. They described the meaning behind their symbol using key vocabulary.

UKS2 had a discussion and put forward their argument for either agreeing or disagreeing  with the following statement:


”It is better to follow the rules than do what you think is right”


Serenity has asked the question...  Should we forgive others?


Our children have been discussing the concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation in Christianity.  



Serenity has asked the question... Why are some places and journeys special?


The children have researched for themselves and have been able to share their knowledge and understanding of the special places and journeys for people of the Islam, Christian, Jewish and  Sikh faiths.   



UKS2 have been look into the Sikh religion, comparing this to other religions; in particular Christianity.


They began by looking at some key statements about the religion and what they believe. Linking this back to their prior knowledge of Christianity and sorted through some statements and discussing whether the beliefs were similar to those of Christianity, or different.

They also compared Prayer in some of the worlds religions 


What Christians believe and where they worship.

Comparing worship

Years 5 and 6 have been learning about the Islam Faith.  They have been focusing on the leader of the religion and the story of Muhammad.  They did a Burn2Learn session finding words to complete the story.   They then retold the story in their own words. 
Year 5/6 looked at Christian symbols and thought about what they mean. They then wrote a fantastic fact file on them!