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Curriculum Character

This is ? the musician. 

This is ............... the musician. ? is has always loved singing and dancing and loves to be the star of every show, even when there is no show. ? loved to investigate and explore instruments from a young age and first found a love of music when watching the older children in school performing with their sparkly and shiny instruments. ? loved listening to music with their brothers and sisters from an early age and loved to rock out in the living room with a hair brush and a tutu. 


When ? started school, ? could join lots of clubs and enjoyed learning lots of musical instruments with the special teachers who came into school to teach them. ? was also inspired by a very musical primary teacher who always walked around with a guitar. As ? grew he got better and better at reading music and did exams on instruments and then started to perform in bands. ? got to go to big concerts and meet famous musicians and even went to different countries to perform with other children. ? wants all children to know about famous composers and musicians from every era because ? thinks it is super-exciting. ? also wants every child to be able to have the opportunity to play an instrument and love music of all different styles. ? is also best friends with ? the scientist and ? the mathematician. They always experiment together making different sounds. ? also likes to write poetry with ? the writer and together they come up with super popular songs. 


In the end ? grew up and used all their musical knowledge and skills to be a musician and tour in different places round the world. ? wants every child to love music even if they don't grow up to be a musician. After all everyone listens to music almost every day.