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Friday 20th

Below is a link to today's phonics lesson. Make sure you have a pencil and paper for the spellings. Enjoy!

In Maths we are continuing to practice our counting to 20. You first need to find 10 and count on, then see if you can write the amount as both a number and a word.

For example, 20 and twenty. 

Below is a video of myself explaining this process to the children. See if you can use lots of different household items to count and write the amount.



Below is a video explaining what I would like the children to do.


Can you design a new pair of elephant slippers? I need you to be the most creative you can be so the elephants want your slippers over everyone else's. Once you have designed your slippers, I would like you to create an advert to sell them to the elephants. You must include lots of adjectives to make your slippers sound like the best in the world! 


For example:

The slippers are sparkly and so comfortable. They will keep your feet warm and quiet so you can dance all night. They are the best in the world!


I would love you to send me your work once you have done it.